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QUIZ CLUB: The mission of the Quiz Club is to encourage and empower young minds towards innovative alternate thinking and the quest for intelligence.

DEBATE CLUB: “It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”

The Debate Club provides a useful training ground for the development of the young students’ communicative abilities. It also creates a mindset in the students to make them people who instead of just accepting everything, question it, and thus help them to survive in this cut-throat world.

TECH & INTELLECT CLUB: One of the most coveted clubs, it provides an opportunity for the students to learn advanced technology in computers. This club is an ideal place for young students brimming with creative sense. It enhances the skills of talented students and provides a platform for expressing their knowledge of computers.

MAGIC FINGERS– Drawing & Painting Club: “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.”

The club recognizes the enthusiasm towards art. The club tries to introduce new and interesting things for the students who want to learn more under the guidance of the art department.

HANDICRAFT CLUB: This club tries to inculcate a healthy and artistic space for creative craft and handicraft work. It also provides the best platform for learning the less explored traditional crafts and finest techniques.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB: This club is instrumental in sensitizing students towards judicious use of natural resources and understanding the aesthetic value of it too.

MATHS WIZARD CLUB: This club allows the students to explore beyond the textbooks. The students learn the application of modern mathematics that inspires them to progress in their life.

INDIAN VOCAL/KEYBOARD CLUB: “If life is a festival, music is its celebration.”

The aim of this club is to bring together promising musical talent and showcase their talent. A well-structured syllabus is followed to hone the students’ minds towards rhythm, melodies, and harmonies – the essential components of music. The songs chosen are lyrical epitomes of values, life skills and the theory of Hindustani music.

DANCE CLUB – Western & Indian Classical: The club aims at group choreography which fosters teamwork, communication, trust, and cooperation. It helps to nurture important life skills, such as discipline and focus. One of the greatest benefits of dance club is that it sparks a child’s imagination and nurtures individual creativity in a unique way. Dance classes share the joy of physical self-expression in a supportive and structured setting.

COOKERY CLUB: This is a club activity in which the students are taught non-gas cooking. They are inspired to think innovatively with the given ingredients and also taught the importance of healthy food in their diet. They make specific vitamin or iron-rich diets, drinks, and snacks that are healthy and yet tempt children of their own age. The students understand the role of presentation of their recipes and they come up with very innovative and attractive ideas.

FITNESS CLUB: This club is an attempt towards ensuring the well-being and continuation of a healthy body and mind. Physical fitness helps students with better body awareness, self-control, relaxation, concentration, flexibility, and coordination.

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